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15600mAh 20100mAh Power Bank Computer Accessories QC2.0 USB Output 5V 9V 12V

15600mAh 20100mAh Power Bank Computer Accessories QC2.0 USB Output 5V 9V 12V

  • High Light

    20100mAh power bank


    15600mAh power bank


    15600mAh Computer Accessories

  • Capacity
  • Cell Type
    Lithium Battery ICR18650
  • Cycle Times
  • Size
    174* 78* 21.5(MM)
  • N.W
    About 420g
  • Color
    Black / White
  • Port
    IN: Mic USB,NB; OUT: USB 1,USB 2,NB
  • Application
    Smart Mobile Phone, Tablet PC, MP3/MP4, Digital Camera
  • Place of Origin
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    Negotiated price
  • Delivery Time
    Shipped in 2~3 days after payment
  • Payment Terms

15600mAh 20100mAh Power Bank Computer Accessories QC2.0 USB Output 5V 9V 12V

15600mAh 20100mAh power bank Computer Accessories QC2.0 USB Output 5V 9V 12V


1, Summary

This power bank charges all kinds of DC5V USB interface products, such as smart mobile phone, tablet PC, MP3/MP4, digital camera, etc. QC2.0 USB output port supports 5V/9V/12V output. NB output port can support all kinds of 12V-24V devices charging.


lithium battery, 15600mAh(57.7WH)/20100mAh(73WH), QC2.0 USB output 5V/9V/12V, NB output port 12V-24V, power bank


2, Product specification

Model No. P65
Capacity 15600mAh(57.7WH)/20100mAh(73WH)
Size 174* 78* 21.5(MM)
N.W About 420g
Cell type lithium battery ICR18650

Mic USB:5V/2.1A(MAX)

NB:14-20V /3A(MAX)


USB 1:5V/2.1A

USB 2:QC2.0 5V/2.1A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A(MAX)

NB:12V/5A 15V/4.3A 16.5V/3.9A 19V/3.4A

20V/3.2A 24V/2.7A (Continue working about 50W)

Charge and discharge yes
Circuit protection

Over voltage protection, over current protection, under-voltage protection,

over temperature protection, short circuit protection

Conversion efficiency 5V/2A≈93% 9V/2A≈95% 12V/2A≈97%
Full Charging time(input)

USB charging:need fast charge adapter

□15600mAh(57.7WH) about 8.5 hours

□20100mAh(73WH) about 11 hours

NB port car charger charging

□15600mAh(57.7WH) about 2.5 hours

□20100mAh(73WH) about 3.2 hours

Cycle times ≥500times
Charge temperature range 0℃ ~+50℃
Discharge temperature range -10℃~+65℃
Storage temperature range 0℃ ~45℃,within 30 days

Long-term Storage

temperature range

0℃ ~40℃,within 180 days
Storage humidity 45% ~85%RH
Long-term storage time Advise charging it if it is not used within 90 days

3, Function instruction:


   15600mAh 20100mAh Power Bank Computer Accessories QC2.0 USB Output 5V 9V 12V 0



① NB port: Notebook output port,car charging input/output port

② USB 1 port: 5V/2.1A output

③ USB 2 port: QC2.0 quick charging output

④ IN port: 5V/2.1A Input port

⑤ Display screen: Display voltage, capacity, power, etc

⑥Key: Voltage selection, on/off key



4 ,Key function instruction

① shortly press the button to light the display screen and turn on the power bank

② Long press over three seconds to enter the mode of voltage selection, voltage indication will blink,then shortly press the button to select the appropriate output voltage.



5, Instruction of abnormal code

Abnormal code of battery: when the battery is abnormal, the output will be cut off automatically, and LCD display screen will indicates abnormal code:

① OV overvoltage protection

② UV undervoltage protection

③ OC Overcurrent protection

④ OT overtemperature protection;


6, Operation instruction:

Q: How to charge this product?

① Use the adapter charging this product(The adapter is optional)


15600mAh 20100mAh Power Bank Computer Accessories QC2.0 USB Output 5V 9V 12V 1


② the laptop will supply power to the power bank




15600mAh 20100mAh Power Bank Computer Accessories QC2.0 USB Output 5V 9V 12V 2

③ Use the car charging cable connect the car charger port to NB port, the car will supply power to the power bank


When charging , The battery symbol will blink on the LCD display screen, the voltage automatically switch to charging power ,then the battery capacity percentage will rise. After the power bank is fully charged, the LCD display screen will automatically switch to the initial state.




Q: How to charge electronic products?

① Charges the digital products by USB ports, USB1:5V output port ;USB2:QC2.0 quick charging port .

15600mAh 20100mAh Power Bank Computer Accessories QC2.0 USB Output 5V 9V 12V 3

② Charges the notebook by NB port: Select the appropriate notebook connector. Connect the power bank and laptop according to the below graphic . Long press the button more than three seconds enter into the voltage selection mode, the voltage display blinking, shortly press the button select the appropriate output voltage for notebook. After five seconds , the voltage stop blinking , then click the button, the NB port start working.


15600mAh 20100mAh Power Bank Computer Accessories QC2.0 USB Output 5V 9V 12V 4



Q: How to turn off the power bank ?

A: The product has the function of intelligent detection,If without overload or the product charging completed,the product will go into a standby sleep mode saving battery power.



7, Product instruction

① When QC2.0 quick charge output is working,USB 1 port will be off automatically.

② When the power bank is charged by NB port(high current quick charge),the capacity maybe decrease 1%-2%.

③ When the power bank is charged from car, it maybe can’t be fully charged to 100% because input voltage is not enough.

④ When without overload or the power bank is not connected to charger,LCD screen display the setting output voltage of NB port;when with overload or the power bank is working,LCD screen display charge power or discharge power(discharge power is prior)

⑤ When the power bank is charging,charge symbol will display;when charging stop,charge symbol will disappear automatically about after 3 seconds.

⑥ Digit % display means the remaining capacity currently.

⑦ NB output power 65W (Max).and continue working output power is 50W.


8, Notice


① Do not use the product in a closed environment, as it may cause the product become hot and reduce product's life due to poor heat dissipation, which also may cause damage, and even cause other dangers such as smoke and fire.

② If any abnormalities such as odor, hotness, discoloration, deformation, or liquid leakage are found during the use of this product, please stop using it immediately; If the battery's liquid accidentally falls on the skin, please immediately rinse with tap water and seek medical treatment in time.

③ Please don’t dismantle the product.

④ Prohibit storing or using the product in high humidity environment.(Operation temperature range please refer to product specification).

⑤ Please don’t bump or throw the product violently.

⑥ Prohibit putting the product in fire or water to avoid firing or explosion.

⑦ When not using the product, please remove the input power cable, it belongs "button control port output" product, and the product's output port must be closed in time.

⑧ Prohibit using metal or other conductors to connect input or output to avoid short circuit.

⑨ Please use original cable, connector, adapter and other. accessories to avoid abnormal events.

⑩ Please don’t let children use the product in the case of unattended.



9, Capacity storage instruction

It is highly recommended that the power bank P65 be fully charged before being stored for an extended period of time.

Because the power bank if capacity in 0%,and more than 1-2 weeks no recharge it,the power bank inside cells will exist the risk of over discharged,so in case of this problem happen,pls remember recharge the power bank when capacity less than 10%.

How to solve the problem after the power bank inside batteries over discharged

Pls try to use AC DC adapter(5V 2A/ or QC3.0/QC2.0 fast charger ac dc adapter)connect with the P65-micro usb input port recharge the power bank,after 2-5 minutes,if you see the LCD display show the working power(W),means the power bank was recharged,and can work again.If charge after 2-5 minutes,the LCD display still without working power (W),means the power banks inside batteries were over discharged(dead).


10, Packing list

① power bank *1 piece

② Computer cable+notebook connectors*1 set(8pcs);

③ car charging cable*1 piece

④ USB cable*1 piece

⑤ Manual & Warranty Card *1 piece


We sincerely appreciate you for purchasing our product!

The product through strict quality inspection, as per warranty card instruction, in normal use, we will provide free reparation service within warranty period if hardware faults resulting from product quality problem. For more details, please contact our company or distributor, thanks.

Warranty instruction (accessories and gifts are not in warranty scope )

  1. Our products have three guarantee services
  2. 2.If the product with quality problem, under the condition of non artificial damage,non overhaul, complete packaging, we provide new one for replacement within 15 days.

3 .We provide 1 year free warranty service for the product.

4. Under below circumstances, free warranty is not valid, users need to pay corresponding expense including accessories and labor cost.


① Artificial damage,including operation in abnormal working environment or not according to instruction.

② User disassemble,repair,modify the product privately,the product is repaired by repair center of other company or non authorized agency.

③ Damage is caused due to force majeure

Without warranty card or valid proof of purchase(invoice) and can’t verify user’s information.

⑤ Trademark bar code and manufacture date are broken.

⑥ Warranty period expires.